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The foreign exchange markets never sleep. Neither does cTrader.

The foreign exchange markets never sleep. Neither does cTrader.

cTrader is a foreign exchange trading platform as a service built from the ground up for financial professionals. A high tech and innovative suite of trading tools provides bankers, traders, and brokers with up to the second market information, direct market access (DMA), sleek and informative data visualisations, and a next generation graphical user interface accessible from all major devices, including smart phones and tablets.

cTrader is divided into a number of different cutting-edge and integrated modules: cTrader, cTrader Web, and cAlgo. These individual systems are interconnected and provide a seamless user experience which enables you to execute profitable FX trades from any Internet-connected device anywhere in the world. After all, there is a reason FX Week awarded cTrader with “Best Retail Platform 2013.” cTrader is more than software. It is an entire ecosystem of FX professionals and advanced systems at your fingertips. Now, let’s take a look at how cTrader can help you be profitable in the foreign exchange markets.

The flagship of the cTrader platform is the cTrader desktop trading software. cTrader uses a No Dealing Desk (NDD) trade execution system with straight through processing (STP). What does this mean? It means you will never have to worry about market makers and other similar inefficient trading models, thus giving you the power, control, and transparency you need to execute profitable trades. Orders are filled with lightning-fast speed (measured in milliseconds), and you can execute multiple trades simultaneously without your orders being queued. Data chart visualizations and complex technical analysis are both simple and powerful in the cTrader desktop software through the use of an innovative user interface that gives you one-click functionality for all major features. Naturally, cTrader has the fundamentals covered, too. Level II pricing means that cTrader’s depth of market provides the full range of liquidity provider prices. You can even share your ideas and charts through Facebook, Twitter, and more. Learn more about the premier desktop version of cTrader.

cTrader Web provides anyone with an Internet connection access to the full suite of cTrader trading tools and functionality. With cTrader Web, you can log in with the same user account you use to access the desktop application. Upon logging in, you will be able to do anything the desktop version does from any major web browser, anytime, anywhere. You will have access to the same advanced trading systems, data visualization, level II pricing, and one-click trading options that are available on the desktop program. Of course, you will also have seamless integration with cAlgo. Any where you have a reliable Internet connection, cTrader Web will be there, too. Whether you want to use your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, or netbook, cTrader Web gives you access to everything you need to trade, analyze, and communicate in the FX market community. Learn more about cTrader Web.

cAlgo is the most advanced automated foreign exchange trading platform in the world. With cAlgo, you can develop your own algorithmic cBot FX trading bots in C# and the .NET platform, receive instant FX market notifications, and access a massive network of fellow financial professionals through the cTDN trading community. This network provides immense power and resources through cAlgo’s bot plugin system. It’s as simple as downloading a user-created cBot from the community and pressing the “Play” button. No other FX trading platform provides that kind of networked community power. And that’s not all. cAlgo gives you a full suite of backtesting tools to allow you to measure your bot’s performance metrics against historical data and indicators. Speaking of indicators, you can create your market signal indicators as well as download those created by other users via cTDN. Best of all, cAlgo directly integrates with cTrader and cTrader Web. Learn more about the powerful automation provided by cAlgo.

Whatever your FX needs are, cTrader will meet and exceed them every time from anywhere. It is THE platform that FX traders trust to get the job done. We hope that you will join us and see for yourself how powerful cTrader’s trading, technical analysis, visualization, automation, and community features truly are. Get started with a cTrader demo today.